Doug Scott

Principal & Creative Director

Doug is the Founder, Principal and Creative Director of Advocate Creative. He has extensive experience working with the senior leadership teams of nonprofit organizations and social ventures to develop their brand strategy, and then translating that strategy into stunning creative that achieves their goals.

Doug has more than 15 years of nonprofit communications experience and has worked as a filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, musician, event producer, communications director and chief marketing officer. He is a global citizen having traveled in more than 50 countries (please don’t ask him which is his favorite). He earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Communications from DePaul University. A student of philanthropy, Doug continues his study at The Fundraising School at Indiana University and, as a guest lecturer at Stanford University, shares what he knows about nonprofit storytelling.

He loves spending his days helping innovative nonprofits share their world-changing ideas and grow, and he is humbled to lead an amazing team of passionate communicators and artisans.

You would never guess

I wrote a musical

I cant function without


I [ … ] everyday

rock in my rocking chair

The thing I love the most about Chicago

summer neighborhood festivals

A book about of my life would be shelved in

travel adventure

Ive always wanted to

be a ninja

A few of Dougs favorite things

We are AC

Doug Scott

Principal & Creative Director

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