About Us

We are strategists, designers, and storytellers. We refuse to accept the world as it is and have dedicated our lives to making it more as it should be.

The Core Advocates

Jon McGrath

Design Lead, Principal

Hannah Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan

Client Services Director

Jessie McGrath

Art Director

Our Strategic Partners

Our extended team consists of technical and creative experts who partner with us to tell compelling stories through filmmaking and website development.

Tectonic Video


Floodlight Design

Website Development


Interested in hiring AC?

Over the years we’ve come to accept the reality that we’re not the right partner for every nonprofit nor every project. Here is what we’ve learned about successful partnerships:

We could be a great partner for you if…

Youre a highly effective organization with a proven track record.

We rarely work with early-stage startups or individuals.

Youre doing vital work in an innovative way.

We specialize in partnering with organizations pioneering a new approach to an old problem.

Youre looking for experts to lead an intentional creative process.

Our proven processes result in compelling creative that connects with your key stakeholders.

You value collaboration and research-driven decision-making.

We marry research, experience and skill to produce creative work that helps you achieve your goals.

Were probably not going to be a great partner for you if…

You know exactly what you want and you just need someone to make it for you.

We are experts in leading a research-driven creative process, and we add the greatest value when we collaborate with you in working through a problem and creating a solution. If you already know exactly what you want, we recommend hiring an experienced freelancer who specializes in providing the service you need.

Youre shopping around for the lowest price.

We aren’t the cheapest around, but we only take on projects in which we’re confident that the value of our work exceeds the fee that we charge.

You need something completed right away.

We’re usually booked out a few months in advance, but feel free to contact us on the off chance that we do have immediate availability.

Sound good? OK, heres what to do:

First, fill out our contact form. We’ll schedule a brief phone call to learn more about the specifics of your project. Next, we will have an in-person meeting or phone call with you and various AC team members to better understand the problem you’re facing and the creative process we’d lead to help solve it.

After the meeting, we’ll do some research, brainstorm some ideas and generate a proposal with a creative approach, budget (we’ll often present tiers to choose from), schedule and clearly defined deliverables. If everything looks good to you, then you’ll sign the contract and we get to work.