Jessie McGrath

Art Director

Jessie is the better half of two art directors at Advocate Creative. (She is married to the other art director, so she can say that.) Her primary focus at Advocate Creative is the strategy and design of print materials and websites. Sometimes she gets to bust out her art supplies and put her illustration skills to use.

She earned her MFA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She completed a thesis on the topic of design as a system-based approach to sustainability and graduated with an outstanding achievement award for her accomplishments in graphic design. Previously, Jessie served as program director and professor of graphic design at Trinity International University. She continues to apply her strong knowledge of design theory and practice to all the projects she works on at Advocate Creative. In addition to her experience as a design educator, Jessie has extensive experience as a designer in publishing and creative industries.

Jessie’s passion for design theory, practice and social responsibility have led her to Advocate Creative, where she is thrilled to be able to incorporate all three aspects of design in the service of good causes and great clients.

My hidden talent

Substituting flaxseed for eggs in baking

My favorite spot in Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago members lounge

A nerdy thing I love about design

Making type align to a baseline grid

Favorite restaurant

Of all time? Impossible to decide. My top two are: Höst and Next

A few of Jessies favorite things