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Princeton University, Dept. of Economics

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Making a difference through the rigor and reliability of economics

The Economics Department at Princeton University is home to dedicated educators, world renowned scholars, and the next generation of leaders. With 15 specialty centers and programs, the department’s expertise is vast and the range of economic disciplines is diverse.

We worked with the Economics Department to design solutions for the websites, logos, and visual identities for Princeton Economics, the Bendheim Center for Finance, and the International Economics Section. We began with a big vision for what the department brands and websites could be—how they could remain independent yet complementary, and work together to simplify internal systems. The result was three new brands and websites that meet the needs of students, faculty, and visitors alike.

Logo and Visual Identity

Balancing the Princeton legacy with a progressive department

The Princeton Economics brand honors the prestigious legacy of Princeton
University while positioning the department as modern, progressive, and on the leading edge of research. The logo maintains straightforward and clear structure, which represents the careful analysis and clear thinking required for economics. The color palette is based on the iconic combination of black and “Princeton Orange” associated with Princeton University.

Princeton Economics Logo Design White
Princeton Economics Logo Design Black
Princeton Economics Logo Design Shorthand
Princeton Economics Brand Guide Design


Designing robust but easy-to-use sites

All three of the economic department websites serve as a robust resource for a variety of audiences, from scholars and industry leaders to new students and Princeton faculty. To understand the needs of the diverse audiences, we led a two-day strategy workshop with various team members to determine the sites’ future content, features, and functionality. To simplify internal systems, we connected all three sites’ information architecture. Put simply, the three sites talk to each other—any update on the department site is reflected on the BCF and IES sites as well. The sites share faculty information, research resources, campus news, and more.

The sites also house a large catalog of research, including working papers and published papers, filterable and searchable by author, topic, and center. The sites’ streamlined navigation allows students to find all program-related information quickly and efficiently.

With websites of this size, we work hard to live into our “simpler is better” philosophy, and although these sites are robust, they are simple in structure and design to create a positive user experience.

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Princeton Economics Website Design Three-Page
Princeton Economics Mobile Website Design
Princeton Economics Home Page Website Design
Princeton Economics Website Design Two-Page

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