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Virtual Science Center

Branding & Campaign

Virtual Science Center Hero Image

Igniting interest in STEM through interactive exhibitions

Virtual Science Center creates blockbuster, traveling museum exhibits that measurably increase kids’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The center collaborates with industry experts, museums, and educators to create interactive museum experiences featuring innovative technologies.

We initially partnered with Virtual Science Center to brand the organization. We designed their logo, identity system, and a suite of collateral. Most recently, we partnered with the team to develop campaign artwork for their latest traveling exhibition, “Reinventing Reality.”

Branding & Print

Depicting virtual reality in two-dimensional design

The campaign artwork is inspired by the appearance of the digital models in the exhibition’s graphic panels. The composition challenges the viewer’s notion of reality by placing a photographic girl in virtual space; she then appears to come to life as she reaches out to touch a digital graphic.

The letter “V” provides the starting point for the logomark. It not only functions as a portal (into another reality), but is also visual shorthand for Virtual Science Center’s name.

Virtual Science Center Logo Design Black
Virtual Science Center Logo Design White
Virtual Science Center Outdoor Banner Design
Virtual Science Center Billboard Design
Virtual Science Center Poster Design

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