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Valhalla Foundation

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Building a better future for today’s youth

The Valhalla Foundation is creating a more equitable and healthy world through four key areas of impact: early childhood education, K12 education, medical research and training, and environmental innovation.

We partnered with the team and trustees to refresh their existing logo, develop brand guidelines, and launch their first website.

Logo and Visual Identity

Centering on Valhalla’s North Star

The new Valhalla logo retains the concept and Scandinavian influence of the original logo while streamlining the extraneous elements to focus solely on the North Star. The five pointed stars are redrawn as stylized geometric shapes to provide associations with research and data, the guiding principles behind Valhalla’s work.

The color palette is inspired by celestial hues and expresses the meaning of the name.

A series of complementary icons were created to designate each of Valhalla’s areas of impact and provide visual interest.

Valhalla Foundation Before Logo
Valhalla Foundation After Logo Design
Valhalla Foundation Iconography Design
Valhalla Foundation Brand Guide Design


Debuting their impact online

The website is Valhalla Foundation’s first online presence, and, as such, it was built with the flexibility to grow and expand in the future. It provides a simple, user-centric experience focused on the foundation’s four areas of impact and their guideposts for funding within each area. The site also showcases current grantees, introduces the Valhalla team, and clarifies their request-for-funding process. 

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Valhalla Foundation Website Design Full-Page
Valhalla Foundation Mobile Website Design
Valhalla Foundation Website Design Two-Page

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