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Stanley Center for Peace and Security

Branding & Website

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Champions of strategic collective action

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security’s mission is to advance multilateral action to create fair, just, and lasting solutions to critical issues of peace and security. They partner with people, organizations, and the greater global community to drive policy change in three key issue areas: mitigating climate change, avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, and preventing mass violence and atrocities.

We partnered with Stanley Center for Peace and Security to rename the organization and design their logo, visual identity, and website.

Logo and Visual Identity

A symbol of collaboration, connection, and cutting-edge ideas

The circular layout of the logomark draws inspiration from people participating in a round table discussion. It also connotes imagery of a spark as a metaphor for how Stanley Center sparks conversations and serves as a catalyst for ideas. The repetition of circles evokes ideas of collaboration, unity, and global connections.

The color palette’s sophisticated neutrals and bright accent hues express the savvy, dynamic, and cutting-edge brand characteristics of Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

The Global Education program sub-brand closely aligns with Stanley Center’s inclusive and accessible brand. The logomark mirrors the Stanley Center logomark, while the typography flips the hierarchy, prioritizing “Global Education” over “Stanley Center.”

Stanley Center Before Logo
Stanley Center After Logo
Stanley Center Brand Guide Design
Stanley Center Global Education Logo Design
Stanley Center Global Education Typography Graphic


Uniting vastly different audiences

The Stanley Center website spans three very different issue areas. As such, its structure captures the audiences of each issue area and directs them to associated content. The site—and, more specifically, the events and publications library—serves as a robust resource for policymakers, academics, and journalists who work to combat these issues. The site also has an extensive recent work blog to engage their audiences and pull them into the site from outside sources, such as newsletters and social media.

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Stanley Center Website Design Three-Page
Stanley Center Mobile Website Design
Stanley Center Website Design Full-Page
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Stanley Center Website Design Two-Page

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