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Technology can be a powerful equalizer technology empowers nonprofits and helps accelerate their impact. They believe anyone who wants to change the world should have the technology to do it—because the more missions their technology supports, the greater the positive impact around the world.

We partnered with to bring to life their new conference series—DOT org. The conference connects nonprofit changemakers and provides hands-on learning of current trends and tactics for measuring impact and accelerating growth. We designed the logo, visual identity, and associated event materials.

Logo and Visual Identity

The transformation of the DOT concept

We took the defining characteristic of—the DOT org—and built a brand. DOT stands for Develop. Optimize. Transform. It’s what sets apart. It’s their mission, their inspiration. The DOT org connects the power of Salesforce technology to the passion of changemakers. These connections are the embodiment of who they are as a technology leader and a trusted nonprofit partner.

The logo captures these values by employing angles and asymmetry in a dynamic mark that exudes power and energy. The ascending angle of the name signifies progressive thinking and upward movement. The scale of the circle emphasizes the importance of the acronym DOT. The simple use of geometry and angles makes for engaging combinations of the logo with the tagline and conference locations.

The DOT org logo can also take on attributes of the photographs placed inside it—photographs of changemakers in action, in addition to images of local culture and iconic landmarks at the conference location.

DOT org Logo Design Blue
DOT org Logo Design White
DOT org Three Brand Guide Cover Designs
DOT org Brand Guide Design


An interactive and engaging conference experience

The London event materials engage and direct conference attendees. The use of overlapping frames and gradient backgrounds adds visual interest, and the DOT graphic allows us to tell a richer story, layer by layer.

The event materials also let the tagline shine. From the stairway takeover to the rotating wall projection, the tagline’s prominence inspires attendees and ties to conference content, with each session categorized as develop, optimize, or transform.

DOT org Brand Guide Cover Design
DOT org Banner Design
DOT org Five Pin Designs
DOT org Brand Guide Design

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