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Policy Impacts


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Promoting Standardization in Policy Analysis

Policy Impacts is tackling inconsistent evaluation of government policies through their unified approach to tracking which policies have the greatest “bang for their buck.” They measure policies using a metric known as the Marginal Value of Public Funds, or the MVPF, which captures the extent to which the policy improves the lives of its beneficiaries.

We partnered with the founders to design a logo and visual identity reflective of the MVPF metric and their motivation to improve policy decision-making through data, analysis, and comparison.

Logo and Visual Identity

Illustrating measurement and data

The logo is simple and precise. The type and hash marks provide clean, balanced structure and allude to measurement and analysis.

Abstract geometric shapes inspired by data visualizations provide visual interest and serve as supplemental graphics for print and digital designs.

The Policy Impacts color palette projects a bold, modern aesthetic. The primary palette is monochromatic blue coupled with neutral grays and a vibrant accent orange to call attention to specific information, and an expanded palette is included for data visualizations.

Policy Impacts Full Color Logo Design
Policy Impacts Logo Design White
Policy Impacts Brand Guide Design

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