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Reviving the American Dream

Located at Harvard University, Opportunity Insights is a non-partisan nonprofit that conducts economic research using big data. They work collaboratively with local stakeholders to translate their research findings into policy change that will improve upward mobility in the United States.

We partnered with Opportunity Insights to develop their brand strategy, logo and visual identity as well as design and develop their website. The brand and website launched alongside the release of The Opportunity Atlas, an impressive data visualization tool created by Dark Horse Analytics, and was featured on the front page of the New York Times, Morning Edition on NPR and other prominent news outlets.


Brand Strategy
Logo & Visual Identity
Website Design

Brand Strategy

Building an accessible and unifying a brand

Opportunity Insights was created to provide access and analysis of data and information otherwise restricted to academics and researchers. In doing so, they empower policymakers and local stakeholders with actionable insights to make informed policy solutions.

Our research process included in-depth interviews with Raj Chetty and other leading economists, a detailed review of the competitive landscape, and work sessions with the team to finalize their mission, values and key messaging. Together, we developed a brand that differentiates Opportunity Insights from others in their space and meets the needs of their diverse audiences. The brand reflects the caliber of their work—it’s bold and authoritative, yet approachable and inclusive of researchers and policymakers alike.

We also lead the name selection process. We completed an exhaustive review of competitors and organizations with similar names, and tested potential names with key influencers and funders.

Logo & Visual Identity

Incorporating data analytics into the visual aesthetic

The concept of data visualization influenced our design—from the simple yet strong approach to typography and color to the intentional use of pixels and bar graphs.

The typography evokes a well established organization with the primary serif, and there is a nod to data collection with use of a monospaced accent typeface. We avoided partisan colors of red and blue in favor of a core grayscale palette with a single bright accent color. A robust secondary palette was established for use in data visualizations, maps and charts.



Meeting the needs of very diverse audiences

The website serves academics, speaks to policymakers and unites stakeholders across the country. Our information architecture and navigation system creates unique pathways for each audience to ensure they can quickly find information. For academics, the site houses a large catalog of research and data files. To reach local stakeholders, we grouped their research into four categories that provide a more user friendly introduction to their work. For policymakers, the site is very action-oriented—detailing policy implications of their research, city-specific case studies, and access to local data sets.

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“Team AC’s excellent work on our brand and website sets up our organization for true impact. We’ve had a number of people say how beautiful the site is, and they deserve that credit.

Ellen Viruleg, Executive Director