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Charter School Growth Fund: The Source


Growing the Nation’s best public charter schools

The Charter School Growth Fund is the nation’s largest philanthropic investor of charter school networks. Their rigorous, data-driven approach allows Charter School Growth Network to identify and invest in the nation’s best public charter schools—impacting the lives of over 580,000 students across 34 states.

We partnered with Charter School Growth Fund to design their intranet logo and team icons.

Logo and Icon Design

Boosting team morale and internal communications

The Source logo transforms a portion of the primary CSGF logo into a broadcast tower representing the people behind CSGF sharing information. The logo design maintains consistency with the CSGF brand by employing the same colors, typography, and geometric style.

The custom set of icons complements the style of the Source and CSGF logos. The icons are based on each team’s mission statement and tagline and are designed to communicate each team’s core function within the organization quickly and effectively.

Design for nonprofits & foundations.

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