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Community Sponsorship Hub

Branding & Website

Growing the role of communities in the resettlement process

Community Sponsorship Hub mobilizes the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to grow the role of communities in the protection, resettlement, and integration of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. Community Sponsorship Hub leads research and develops resources to mold and shape the community sponsorship system.

We partnered with the co-founders of Community Sponsorship Hub to name the organization and design their visual identity, logo, and website. The brand balances their modern, innovative work with the accessible, welcoming nature of the organization.

Logo and Visual Identity

Building an innovative yet accessible brand

The logo is a highly functional wordmark that demands attention and works well in a variety of contexts. The typeface is a bold, modern sans serif with rounded geometry. The strong circles create repetition among the letters and balance the strength of the typography with an approachable appearance.

The brand palette is a fresh take on traditional red, white, and blue hues to communicate welcome into the United States.

Community Sponsorship Hub Logo Design Purple
Community Sponsorship Hub Logo Design White
Community Sponsorship Brand Guide Design
Community Sponsorship Twitter Header Design


Connecting Americans to opportunities to help

The Community Sponsorship Hub website shares clear action steps for Americans eager to support refugees and other forcibly displaced people. It educates and equips audiences by connecting them to relevant resources, organizations, and advocacy opportunities. The site also points users to their hallmark community sponsorship program, Sponsor Circles, and houses the Catalyst Fund, which provides grants to resettlement agencies and other local affiliates.

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