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American Institute for Boys and Men

Branding & Website

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Providing policy solutions for boys and men

The American Institute for Boys and Men (AIBM) conducts non-partisan research on issues affecting the wellbeing of boys and men across the United States and provides policy solutions to help them thrive. We partnered with Richard Reeves, the founding president of AIBM, to design a brand identity, logo, and website to launch the organization and provide a platform for AIBM’s important research.

Logo and Visual Identity

Approachable authority

The logo required a typographic solution that could exude the compassion of a nonprofit when addressing sensitive topics like mental health and suicide, while simultaneously projecting a sense of authority when communicating with policymakers. We designed the logo around an approachable, lowercase acronym balanced by the authoritative presence of uppercase letters for the name. The brand color palette strategically diverges from partisan red and blue colors to communicate inclusivity in a space dominated by culture wars and polarizing viewpoints.

AIBM primary logo
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I'm so glad we hired Advocate Creative to design our very first website. Building a brand from scratch is both exciting and intimidating, but they made the process a breeze. They're not only talented designers, but great listeners and strategists and, to top it off, really nice people.”
Richard Reeves
President, American Institute for Boys and Men
AIBM Brand guide


Making research accessible

The AIBM website organizes information across five key research areas—enabling audiences to easily find and share a range of digital content including research reports, commentary articles, newsletters, and other educational resources. The website serves as both a hub for non-partisan research and a catalyst to shape public policy.

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