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Charter School Growth Fund


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Growing the Nation’s best public charter schools

The Charter School Growth Fund is the nation’s largest philanthropic investor of charter school networks. Their rigorous, data-driven approach allows Charter School Growth Network to identify and invest in the nation’s best charter schools, impacting the lives of over 530,000 children in 31 states.

We partnered with Charter School Growth Fund to redesign their website to showcase their new organizational strategy. The new site reflects their strategic shift to target schools not yet in their network and share resources with the broader charter school community.


Creating new pathways for new audiences

The site structure and user experience effectively guide new and existing audiences to key information about Charter School Growth Network, their portfolio, and the application process. The robust resource library allows charter school leaders to access proprietary research from CSGF and others in the field. In addition to the structural and content changes, the brand aesthetic is now bolder and more reflective of CSGF’s expertise.

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