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Charter School Growth Fund Annual Report


CSGF Fund Annual Report Hero Image

Growing the nation’s best public charter schools

The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) is the nation’s largest philanthropic investor in charter school networks. CSGF’s rigorous, data-driven approach allows them to identify and invest in the best charter schools, impacting the lives of over 530,000 children in 31 states across the nation.

We partnered with CSGF for seven consecutive years to design their annual investor report. Each report reflects the accomplishments of the past year and casts a vision for the year ahead.

Print Design

Adapting to meet the needs of CSGF, year to year

Over time, the annual investor report has become more narrative-driven. However, at 80–120 pages, the report is still extensive. The biggest challenge in designing a report of this size is ensuring it is engaging and digestible for multiple audiences. To accomplish this, we feature full-page photos, student stories, dozens of charts and graphs, and varied stock to delineate sections of the report.

CSGF Fund 2017 Annual Report Print Design
CSGF Fund 2018 Annual Report Print Design
CSGF Fund 2019 Annual Report Print Design
CSGF Fund 2020 Annual Report Print Design

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