We partnered with Sama Group to give people access to work, digital skills, and healthcare.



First there was Samasource, a nonprofit organization that used technology to connect marginalized people to dignified work. Next came Samahope, a nonprofit that crowdfunded life-saving surgeries, and then SamaUSA, an educational platform that equipped people with the skills to prosper in the digital economy. As these organizations grew, it became necessary to house them under a parent organization–the Sama Group.

Sama Group needed a brand strategy, website, suite of print collateral and method for visually communicating that each Sama entity, though distinct, belonged to the collective whole. Additionally, they needed new websites for Samasource and SamaUSA, as well as annual reports and marketing materials. Sama Group turned to Advocate Creative to design their new identity, digital experience and print collateral.


Brand Strategy

We began by developing an identity system that unified the Sama Group and individual enterprises around a flexible logo mark and shared visual language. Next, each Sama entity needed its web presence to reflect this new aesthetic, as well as its print collateral. Advocate Creative laid out a plan to develop these resources and tell the stories of the various enterprises through video.

Logo Redesign

Old Logo

Design Concept

New Logo

Samasource Sama Group Logo

Logos for each enterprise


Working with Advocate Creative was effortless. They took the time to understand the problem, produced stunning work, and they have the biggest hearts.

James SamasourceJames Stephens, Design Manager



Advocate Creative designed and developed the Sama Group, Samasource and SamaUSA (now Samaschool) websites. We created a customized WordPress theme that was responsive, easy to update, and in alignment with the other Sama entities. We designed each page, created custom plugins, conducted basic SEO and tied in a third-party donation platform.





Advocate Creative developed, filmed and edited numerous videos for Samasource, Samahope, and SamaUSA that were utilized in fundraising appeals, on their websites and in live presentations. We traveled to Uganda to film Samasource’s and Samahope’s work on the ground, and shot hundreds of photographs that were used on their respective websites and in print collateral. We filmed SamaUSA’s work in Northern California and documented the Sama Gala in a highlight film.

Samasource: Denis Story
Samahope: Dr. Priscilla
Samahope: Dr. Robert
Samasource: Getty Images
SamaUSA: Overview
SamaGala: 2014 Highlights

Print Collateral

We designed Samasource’s Annual Report and created numerous marketing materials for Sama Group, Samasource, Samahope and SamaUSA.

Business Card System

Sama Group Samasource Samahope Samaschool Business Cards

2013 Annual Report

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