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Locally led solutions to help end extreme poverty

Nuru International partners with smallholder farmers, and their families, living in extreme poverty in fragile rural areas. Local leaders are equipped with the tools to build self-sustaining programs resilient to factors like climate change, pests, unreliable markets, and state fragility, and move beyond subsistence to contribute to the global food supply.

We partnered with Nuru to build an engaging yet simple and streamlined site. As is true for many nonprofits, their website had grown in pages and complexity over the years, and they wanted to start fresh with new messaging, visuals, and user-experience.


Leveraging the power of simplicity

Nuru’s website is an example of how effective simple navigation can be in telling a story. The site’s minimal menu answers users’ key questions and inner page navigation guides users to more detailed information. The site imagery takes center stage and showcases their communities and their work, instilling confidence in their supporters.

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