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Nuru International 10-year Anniversary

Print & Campaign

Nuru International 10-year Anniversary Hero Image

Locally led solutions to help end extreme poverty

Nuru International partners with smallholder farmers and their families living in extreme poverty in fragile rural areas. Local leaders are equipped with the tools to build self-sustaining programs resilient to factors like climate change, pests, unreliable markets, and state fragility, and move beyond subsistence to contribute to the global food supply.

We partnered with Nuru to design a 10-year anniversary report to commemorate this important milestone and decade of immense growth.

10-Year Report

Celebrating success with an eye on the future

The commemorative 10-year report tells the story of Nuru from the beginning with a focus on the present. It begins with year 10 to forecast what’s on the horizon before it backtracks to chronicle Nuru’s journey. The report demonstrates why the world needs Nuru—building trust and compelling the Nuru tribe. It’s also substantive. The report reads as a book and introduces campaign-specific elements, like the gold border and typography, to carve out a unique space in Nuru’s overarching brand.

Nuru International 10-year Anniversary Print Design
Nuru International 10-year Anniversary Print Design

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