Inspiration Kitchens


Website Design

Inspiration Kitchens needed a new website to attract customers to their restaurant and catering service. During our strategy process, we encouraged Inspiration Kitchens to consider switching the hierarchy of their messaging, to prioritize their food over their mission to attract customers. The new website is responsive, easy to update, and features their delicious food front and center alongside numerous testimonials of satisfied customers. We also created clear calls to action for catering customers to inquire about their services. Now, visitors are attracted by their amazing food and 4-star reviews, only to be pleasantly surprised that the restaurant is also a nonprofit organization with a social mission.

Not only is Inspiration Kitchens an excellent restaurant and catering company in Chicago, it is also a nonprofit that trains and employs people who have experienced homelessness and poverty. Inspiration Kitchens provides their students with hands-on training in the food service industry and helps them get jobs at Chicago’s hottest restaurants and catering companies. They also provide their students with the services they need to overcome obstacles like homelessness, criminal backgrounds, mental or physical disabilities, substance addictions, and mental illness.

“We were initially drawn to Advocate Creative after seeing their bold, dynamic work on the web. Their team more than delivered on our needs, working with us through numerous drafts to create an engaging new website that truly captures the spirit of our work.”

Evan Cauble-Johnson, Chief Development Officer for Inspiration Corporation