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Concussion Education



CrashCourse is changing the way young people understand concussions.

TeachAids is a world leader in designing, producing and distributing health education for young people. We partnered with TeachAids to produce CrashCourse, a groundbreaking educational curriculum for the prevention and treatment of concussions.

In addition to filming and editing the video curriculum, we refreshed TeachAids’ visual identity, redesigned their website, branded CrashCourse, and created a multi-channel product launch campaign that kicked off at a Stanford University football game.


Website Design
Launch Campaign


The launch of CrashCourse was the catalyst for the TeachAids rebrand.

TeachAids’ brand was closely tied to their previous work in HIV/AIDS education. With the addition of CrashCourse, TeachAids wanted to visually reflect this new chapter in their organizational history, while building upon the brand equity they’d built over the past 10 years. To better connect with CrashCourse’s unique target audience—student athletes—we created a sub-brand that ties to the TeachAids umbrella brand, but is inspired by modern trends in sports branding.



CrashCourse products are estimated to reach 10k+ schools and sports organizations.

We redesigned TeachAids’ website to provide easy access to their products. With intuitive navigation, streamlined content, and visuals designed to engage their target audiences, this responsive website accomplished three key goals: draw a clear distinction between TeachAids’ two main products (CrashCourse and Prevention Begins with Me), showcase the expertise of their team and partners, and share updates on the progress of their initiatives.

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CrashCourse launched at the Stanford v. USC football game.

To celebrate the launch, we created CrashCourse branded t-shirts and merchandise giveaways for fans. We also designed environmental graphics and print collateral, two short advertisements that were shown on the Stanford Stadium jumbotron during the game, radio spots and a suite of digital banners and avatars for supporters to share online. Fox Sports covered the launch of CrashCourse at the game and debuted footage of the new curriculum.

Banner Ads


Pop-up Banners

Social Theming




The work AC created for us has opened doors, rallied our base and been a calling card at speaking events. They understood and communicated our vision, passion and ethos. I can say without reservation that the Advocate Creative team is the absolute best at what they do.

Dr. Piya Sorcar, CEO & Co-founder, TeachAids