American Lung Association

Lung Force PSAs

Video Production

The American Lung Association (ALA) needed to create a series of PSAs around the topics of immunotherapy and tumor testing. We had the opportunity to interview lung cancer patients and tell their stories to help educate viewers about cutting edge technologies that could literally save their lives. We developed the concepts, wrote the scripts, filmed the patients and doctors, edited and finished the films. Shortened versions were created to be used in paid advertising, and have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Whether it’s searching for cures to lung diseases, keeping kids off tobacco, or fighting for laws that protect the air we all breathe, the work of the American Lung Association helps to save lives every day. For more than 110 years, the ALA has led the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air and continues to pursue their goals through research, education, and advocacy.

“Working with Advocate Creative always exceeds our expectations. Each member of the team is professional, organized and completely committed to the vision. We’ve been thrilled with every product they’ve created and the process has been a pleasure as well.”

Carly Ornstein, National Director of Lung Cancer Education