Randy Warren


Randy is one of the filmmakers and founding members of AC. He has the dream job of getting to travel all over the world to film the work of our nonprofit clients and then come back to the beautiful city of Chicago to edit them into compelling short stories.

He started making movies as a young kid, starting with his grandparents’ old Super8mm film camera, experimenting with Lego stop-motion. When home video camcorders came out, he shot dozens of tapes, making homemade music videos, comedy sketches and shows with friends. Before helping to start Advocate Creative in 2012, he worked as a full time filmmaker with Nuru International, alongside AC’s creative director, Doug Scott. He is passionate about collaboration and working as a team to craft a story.

Because of some of the limitations of filming in the developing world, Randy has become a bit of a production ninja. He has been continuing to develop his craft, shooting and editing a wide variety of videos for nonprofits for the past 18 years.

Three words to describe me

tall. odd. creative.

I can’t function without

quality coffee – in the morning… and again in the afternoon

Something I’ve always wanted to do

hike and summit a 14,000 ft. mountain in Colorado

The thing I love most about filmmaking

traveling, meeting people and trying to understand the world from their perspective

A few of Randy’s favorite things



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