Megan Kennedy


As Advocate Creative’s Producer, Megan is involved in all areas of production, from concept to finished product. A lover of both to-do lists and creativity, Megan works with every member of the Advocate Creative team to produce films for our clients.

Megan began working with nonprofits her sophomore year of college when she led a trip to Kenya with an international nonprofit. She started learning Swahili and then returned to Kenya her junior year to study international health and development. Completing undergraduate research analyzing reproductive health options for young women in slums across Nairobi, she returned to the United States where she worked in development for both a transitional living facility in North Carolina and a think tank in Colorado.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in International Studies, she spent two years backpacking, volunteering, and working in 22 countries. Megan has since traded her backpack for an apartment in Chicago, the city that she now calls home.

I cant function without

writing everything down

As a kid I was always in trouble for

hiding a flashlight under my pillow to read past my bedtime

I [ … ] everyday

read theSkimm

If I had a superpower it would be

fluency in every language

Favorite restaurant in Chicago


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