Johanna Beach

Associate Producer

Johanna is the Associate Producer at Advocate Creative. Part of AC’s film team, she has a hand in every phase of production from coordinating logistics, producing on a video shoot, or collaborating on an edit.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in theatre from Wake Forest University, Johanna worked for a nonprofit startup serving women in Nicaragua through micro-franchising. At this young company, Johanna gained experience in everything from producing, to graphic design, to fundraising. Most recently, Johanna created a two-woman ‘play in miniature’ with her sister. The pair toured the live production to over 10 cities, performing the show over 70 times.

Now, Johanna loves that she gets to build upon both her artistic and non-profit experience to help incredible organizations extend their impact through storytelling.

If I had a superpower it would be

to apparate

As a kid I was always in trouble for

climbing things

I can’t function without


You would never guess

I spent 6 days working on this

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