Joel Krogman

Film Lead

Joel is one of AC’s award-winning filmmakers, but if you look at his Canadian passport, you’d learn that his name isn’t really Joel (it’s Michael). He is experienced in all aspects of video production and is as comfortable writing a script in a coffee shop in Chicago as he is operating a camera in a slum in Nairobi.

Since 2003, Joel has been telling stories through the medium of digital cinema. Growing up in rural Canada, he had a number of unusual jobs ranging from potato farmer, to oil well optimizer and meter reader, but his filmmaking education began when he was asked by a couple of friends to help with their short film. Since then, he’s told hundreds of stories that he’s filmed in more than 20 countries. Before working at Advocate Creative, he founded a film production company that told stories for leading real estate, hospitality and nonprofit organizations.

Since joining AC in 2014, Joel has traveled all over the world to tell the stories of world-changing organizations. He considers himself fortunate to be part of the AC team, using his talents on a daily basis to make the world more of what it’s supposed to be.

As a kid I was always in trouble for

doing things I wasnt supposed to do

Celebrity who would play me in a movie

I have actually played several celebrities in real life

Favorite Chicago restaurant

best hot dog is Gene & Judes; best sausage is Johnnies

Favorite part of my job

early morning shoots and the red button

A few of Joels favorite things

parts unknown


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