At ten years old, Chai is the youngest member of the Advocate Creative team. As a dog, she spends most of her days sleeping. During her waking hours, you can find her barking at the UPS man or sneaking under her team members’ desks. Though Chai loves the snow, she does not love the season it brings. Terrified of the sound of the office heater, Chai works from home in the winters.

Born and bred in Wisconsin, Chai now lives in Chicago with her human friends, Jessie and Jon. She loves long walks and digging holes in her backyard.

Chai is a proud graduate of St. Charles Obedience School, where she studied commands. She has yet to use her education in the real world.

As a kid I was always in trouble for

chewing holes in the drywall

My favorite spot in Chicago is

Oz Park

Favorite restaurant

Barker and Meowsky: A pawfirm

Favorite part of my job

working with humans

A few of Chais favorite things

We are AC

Doug Scott

Principal & Creative Director

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones

Client Services Director

Jessie McGrath

Art Director

Joel Krogman

Film Lead

Jon McGrath

Design Lead

Randy Warren


Samantha Hovar

Office Coordinator